Event Bus Loader

Event Bus Charters in conjunction with St Marys Netball Club welcome you all to join us in the fundraiser of the year!

Grab a car load and join us on our APP based scavenger hunt "Smash the Course"

Take part in this amazing race style experience across Invercargill via our GPS driven smartphone APP. With challenges and activities to test you as you
compete against friends and colleagues, can you out smart your opponents to take home the win?!

Prizes are up for grabs! 

More information:

DATE: 18th May 2024

LOCATION: Northern Tavern, Invercargill

TIME: 3.00pm meet time for a 4.00pm start – The actual hunt runs for 2 hours

PRICE: $40.00 per car load – cash to be paid on the day of the hunt. When booking 1 carload = 1 team number 


You will have a host on the day explaining how the hunt works and giving you an activation code for your hunt. 

There is a total of 18 checkpoints around Invercargill. Once the hunt starts 3 checkpoints will appear randomly at a time.  At each checkpoint you may have a question to answer, photo challenge, team task or cryptic clues to solve. Look out for our bonus questions and photo challenges, will they appear on the route you choose to take to get to your checkpoints?!

When your time is up (or if you are smart enough to smash the course before your 2 hours is up) you will be directed to your finish point where the host will display final results.

Be creative in your photo challenges your host is marking you!

All proceeds for this hunt will be going directly to St Marys Netball Club.

On booking you will recieve a confirmation email with more details of the App and how the hunt will work. 

In the comments section when booking please enter your team name. 

Before booking if you have any questions please email: info@eventbus.nz